“Sundance” Film Strip Bag


The Sundance Film Festival in Utah is an annual delight for both locals and tourists, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and viewing interesting and inspiring films. With the “Sundance” Film Strip Bag you can shine everyday!

This original production, features two-22″ straps, a 3.5″ Velcro closure strip between handles and crocheted sides. But the star of the bag is authentic 35mm Mylar movie film once shown in theaters. The “Sundance” oversized bag is durable as well as functional.

Measures 16″ length, 13″ tall, and 4″ wide.

Each bag is created from random frames* and movie titles change frequently, here is an example of some of our current offerings:

  • Bollywood-Mrs. Doubtfire of India
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Dinner for Schmucks
  • Lord of the Rings-Two Towers
  • People VS Larry Flynt

Note that quantities are limited, we only have a few left of some titles. A single film title is used per bag, sorry no double features.

*We can’t guarantee that a particular scene or actor in the film you choose will appear in every item.

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