Film Strip Lamp Shade – Square



Make a statement!  Original, handmade lamp shade designed to get rave reviews. The film used in these unique lamp shades is re-purposed from 35mm Mylar (polyester) movies that ran in theaters between 2006 and 2012.

Shade only, comes with a glass insert. Fits IKEA GRONO #00.292.25 lamp base, available separately

Max.: 6 W LED
Width: 4″
Height: 9″

Each shade is created from random frames* and movie titles change frequently, here is an example of some of our current offerings: Arthur and the Invisibles, Black Hawk Down, Bucket List, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cheaper by the Dozen, Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon*, Dark Knight Rises, Dictator, Exorcist, Forehouse Dog, ParaNorman, Seeking a Friend for the End of he World, Shrek, The Expendables, The Fighter, and The Gray.

Vintage celluloid titles include: Being There, and The Revenge of the Pink Panther

Note that quantities are limited, we only have a few left of some titles. A single film title is used per bag, sorry no double features.

CLOSE-OUT SPECIAL: Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon only $10.00. 
(Note that scenes in this film appear to be dark)

**We can’t guarantee that a particular scene or actor in the film you choose will appear in every item

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